“20 years of experience on the highest level, driven by the desire to manufacture high quality gloves from German Latex. Crafted with passion, worn by the pro’s and of proven quality; RWLK-gloves are manufactured with the sole aim of providing goalkeepers only with the best material available.”

– Ronald Waterreus

It started as a hobby. Just an idea, an idea to give young promising goalkeepers the chance to use the best possible goalkeepergloves. Gloves crafted with passion and of proven quality. Manufactured usig premium quality German Latex only with the goalkeeper, professional or amateur alike, in mind.

The combination of 20 years of experience in the pro ranks, expertise from the manufacturer and input of young talent from today gives us the possibility to stay up to date in today’s competitive market.

Working with young talent keeps the brand fresh and innovative. Experience, expertise and willingness to listen to the input of the new generation. But also staying true to the original thought of producing a goalkeeperglove that gives the goalkeeper comfort, grip and durability.

RWLK will try to bring the next generation of formidable affordable gloves to goalkeepers around the globe. Together with our endorsees we are about to establish a new household name in goalkeeping gloves, a brand that no matter where you are or where you live will be available everywhere.

We are looking forward to welcome you on this journey. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.